Come Worship the King of the ages

Epiphany (Christmas) Single!

I never really thought much about the celebration of Epiphany growing up because it wasn't part of our family or church traditions, but I have been thinking about the holiday this year as I have been arranging this song. Epiphany is a celebration of how God revealed the birth of Jesus to the wise men in such a miraculous way they left their homes to make a long journey following a star to worship the child they knew to be the "King of the Jews" (Matthew 2:2). I wrote "Come Worship the King of the Ages" a few years ago; but thought it would be fun to arrange and record a version of it this year because the lyrics shine a light on the Christ-child not only as a baby in a manger, but also recognizes Jesus the King of the Ages.

The epic scope of the song's theme drove me to a larger arrangement and I wanted someone with vocal talent to match, so I would like to introduce you to a friend of ours named Carolyn Broughton who shared her talents on this recording. Also, a shout out to my daughter, Anna, for the artwork. It has been a journey that took longer than expected this holiday season; but like the wise men, although we might be coming late to celebrate the birth of Christ, we come worshiping the King and  bearing gifts.

For a limited time download the song for free, so join us as we worship the King of the Ages!

Happy Epiphany! :)

Von Newcomb