After having lived on three different continents and worked with individuals in many countries, Von Newcomb is a songwriter/composer/arranger residing in his home town of Ft. Collins, Colorado. All that journeying, no doubt, has produced a love for a good story and a broad perspective on life.  Whether he is writing folk contemporary music or composing and arranging passionate instrumental soundtracks, Von's music can either take you on a journey or make you stop, take a deep breath, and ponder one of life's mysteries.

     In college, Von met his wife while touring the US, Europe, and Africa as a vocalist with the youth choir Continental Singers and Orchestra, and Von's first "serious" song was a love song which he produced for his wedding thirty years ago.  Since that time he and his wife have visited over 20 countries and Von has written and arranged music which has been used in venues around the world.

     In an industry where musicians often wait to "make it big" to change the world, one of Von's greatest strengths (or curiosities) is the fact that for 13 years he lived in the small Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan where he started an arts/music development organization.  As part of his work there he opened a recording studio which is not only used as a tool to mentor and train local Kyrgyz musicians, but also it has become a hub for a creative community which has produced music for radio, TV, and movies. As a result of those years of experience, Von has a broad musical palette from which to draw, and he continues to be a sought after arts/music development consultant in many forgotten corners of the globe.